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Richard Grannon - Stand Up for Yourself

27/02/2021 18:00:00

<p>How much more are you willing to take? Ickonic media are proud to announce that for their first live event of 2021 Richard Grannon is presenting a must watch seminar on taking back control in your life and standing up for yourself. It is time to learn to say “no”! Richard Grannon specialises in people overcoming narcissistic abuse and trauma in their personal lives. This seminar will focus on the ways in which over the past year we have slid into a codependent relationship with an ever shifting government who seems to have forgotten its duty: to serve the will of the people. If we don’t stand up now, there will nothing to stand for tomorrow. The event is online and live beamed straight into your home – be a part of it! Topics: How to understand the techniques and mind control tactics of predatory narcissists. The stupefying effect on the target population of this particular type of brainwashing abuse. How to WAKE UP from the effects of the abuse both individually and as a collective. Practical steps for walking our way back out of ...


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David Icke - Perceptions of a Renegade Mind

06/11/2021 18:00:00

&lt;p&gt;Live and Exclusively available on Ickonic, author and speaker David Icke presents his ground-breaking new live presentation. The man who called current World events 30 years ago and has been long talking of the agenda for mass control we&#39;re now seeing roll out across the globe. What is the answer and how to we fight back to take control of our life and our destiny? On Saturday 6th November live from the Ickonic Studio&#39;s in Derby, England David Icke lays out the road map for human freedom and how to break free from the lies and deception keeping humanity in a state of fear and helplessness. You decide your future, no one else.&lt;/p&gt;


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Dr Andrew Kaufman - The End of Germ Theory - DATE CHANGE

04/12/2021 23:00:00

<p><strong>Live and Exclusively available to Ickonic...6pm Eastern Time</strong></p><p>Contagion is a proven fact right, germs pass from one person to another causing sickness and ill-health? Wrong... Contagion is merely a theory based on the wider idea of germ theory, note the key word there 'theory'. </p><p>In all the years of research and experiments this idea has never been proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Now fast forward to 2020 with the 'emergence' of the global 'pandemic' with the Sars-Cov2 virus and germ theory is coming under increasing scrutiny. The World has shut down based on the idea of contagion, isn't that a bit extreme for something that's still even after decades or research still only a theory? </p><p>In this exclusive live event from New York, USA, Dr Andrew Kaufman provides another explanation for what real illness is caused by and takes on the idea of germ theory and the very scientific principles its founded on. Is there another explanation? "Terrain theory' for example... Could this be the beginning of the e...


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