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Richard Grannon - Stand Up for Yourself


18:00 (GMT)

Life Coach and Psychologist Richard Grannon will be presenting the 1st Ickonic Live of 2021, and it's a vital must watch for everyone. Richard specializes in supporting sufferers of Narcissistic abuse in relationships and life. The entire planet is undergoing a large scale version of narcissistic abuse at the hands of governments and those who are supposed to be protecting and working for them. The event will be around 3 hours and will going through the 5 main topics below - 1. How narcissus abuse plays out in a relationship between 2 people  2. How to resolve the abuse and move on? 3. How this same abuse can play out with a government and its people with a particular focus on Gas lighting/ Propaganda 4. Cultural Marxism as a tool of breaking collective will and dignity “we aren’t worth fighting for” 5. The pathway out - from surfing to thriving Purchasing the event will also include 14 days’ access to the full Ickonic channel for the 14 days after the event, including re-watching the event as many times as you like. Full Unlimited Paying Subscribers get access to all Ickonic Live Events included in their monthly or yearly plan. This is not included if within a 7 day free trial.

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