Climate Propaganda in British schools funded by elite billionaire foundations

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1st February 2023


written by: Lewis Brackpool

Lewis Brackpool is an independent journalist, broadcaster, commentator and a reporter for Ickonic media. His writing focus is politics, freedom of speech, news and current affairs.

Climate change is all the rage right now, where the centre of conversation pivots and moves from covid, to war, famine and then climate change in a blink of an eye. The reality is, the fear that the world will engulf in a blaze of fire in 5 years, sells and I mean sells big time. British schools are being funded by shadowy green money of elite billionaire foundations, reports The Daily Sceptic. According to the report, school children are encouraged to plot implausible temperature rises, told that alkaline oceans are ‘acidic’ and children are even encouraged by schools to write letters to policymakers in the style of Greta Thumbergs’ “our house is on fire and I’m here to tell you that it is.”

A quote comes to mind: “Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

The Daily Sceptic reports that a London-based foundation called ClimateScience spearheads the climate alarmist narrative with an introductory video that says its goal is to bring “high quality climate education to every school, company and individual in the world”. Within the lobby group’s “partners, supporters and friends” are green activist funders such as Schmidt Futures who are the family foundation of former Google boss Eric Schmidt, and the Grantham Institute at Imperial who is partly funded by green billionaire investor Jeremy Grantham.

According to the report, “schoolchildren are being told that we can expect to see an increase of 4.5°C in global temperatures by 2100 and an increase of roughly 11°C by the end of 2200”. To ram the message home, children must plot the graph. There is of course no mention that it is unknown how much temperature will rise if carbon dioxide is doubled in the atmosphere. Scientists debate a range from around 0.5°C to 6°C. Recently, the estimates have tended to fall away from the upper end, not least because global warming has been running out of steam for over two decades. Some scientists argue that the warming properties of CO2 diminish on a logarithmic basis past certain concentrations as the gas becomes saturated in the atmosphere. If, and it is an if, CO2 doubles in the atmosphere by 2200, even the most extreme estimates of temperature rise come nowhere close to 11°C.” — Writes Chris Morrison from the Daily Sceptic.

With the rise in extremist activism by climate change groups such as Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion which are bankrolled by big oil (the irony), we are now seeing a new generation of young people blindsided by indoctrination to believe the narrative that “our house is on fire” or “our house is underwater” (I’m unsure which one as it consistently changes) whilst elites that preach to the choir the same message of climate alarmism are purchasing beachfront properties when it boils down to one thing, corporatism and cronyism.

We have already seen the likes of John Doerr in the United States giving Stanford $1.1 billion for a new “climate school” so it doesn’t surprise me that changing the minds of children and the next generation to program their minds on nonsensical and sensationalist ideas keeps the bankroll alive.

The big 5 climate groups in Britain that come to mind that are propagating climate alarmism into schools are as follows:

(stock image) CREDIT: Dave Thompson/PA

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