How do I raise my vibration? Spirituality tips for living a high-vibe life

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written by: Thomas Holgate

Tommy Holgate is a former tabloid journalist, politician and stand-up comedian. Since retraining in multiple holistic therapies his writing focuses on health, wellbeing, spirituality and positive psychology. 

Is this just a saying, or is there something more to it?

Everything in the universe consists of molecules which move at divergent paces. This comprises trees, bodies, rocks, animals, thought processes and feelings. Human vibrations are constructed out of all matter; from physical material up to the way one communicates their musings. To put it shortly, some molecules move swiftly while others take a slower path; there are higher and lower vibrations to be found.

Vibrations can be seen as indicative of a person's emotional state or outlook. High vibrations are usually correlated with emotions and feelings that are more positive, such as love, kindness, forgiveness and serenity. Comparatively, fewer positive connotations are associated with lower vibrations: hatred, fear, greed and depression. We will examine both lower and higher vibrations further below.

It may be hard not to feel powerless when thinking about the future of our planet and all its inhabitants. However, boosting your energetic frequency is one of the most meaningful ways you can support the world. By lifting yourself up, you are empowered to help lift others in the process. This is how we can work together to increase the collective consciousness.

Vibration is a state of being, an expression of the atmosphere or energy of a person, place, idea, or object. Much of feeling "vibes" comes from intuition - one can sense a person's aura when they enter a room, for example.

When you watch a sad, violent story unfold in the news, it can lead to a heavy feeling within. Conversely, watching an adorable puppy cuddling up with an infant will fill you with warmth. Depending on the situation, certain people and events may make you want to draw closer or maintain your distance.

Essentially, the higher your vibration is, the more closely connected you are with your higher self, Divinity, Consciousness or whatever term is used to refer to your true nature. Conversely, the lower it goes, the more out of accord you become and thus, the more strife in life you experience.

The Law of Attraction has been reiterated time and again, and it is an immutable law of the universe. Whatever you put out there will come back to you in some form; an equation that shows that what we focus on expands. You are the master of your destiny — your thoughts and emotions determine how your life will unfold.

When you vibrate at a higher frequency, you experience a lighter, happier and calmer sensation. On the other hand, lower vibrations bring on a darker, heavier energy and confusion. All spiritual customs direct us to ascend to elevated planes of consciousness and certain scientific investigations (for example that done by Dr. David Hawkins in his works on the research of consciousness and spiritualism) have even quantified various stages of being on a scale of consciousness.

How are you vibrating right now? Here are 13 ways you can help raise your vibrational frequency…

1. Meditation and Breathwork

Dr. Hawkins conducted research on the concept that the more genuine something is, the greater its degree of awareness (or vibration). Thus, when you learn to be attentive with the moment you're in, you vibrate more in tune with authenticity. The past and future are only existing in your mind; present is where true reality lies. By meditating and focusing intently on your breath, it relaxes your nervous system, enhances your mood, and brings about a sense of tranquility - attributes that can uplift your condition immediately. This spiritual exercise helps to boost your vibration rapidly..

2. Love

Contemplate someone you love dearly, envision them right in front of you and observe how it makes you feel. You will likely experience a sensation of heart-opening, buoyant joy that can bring about a good transformation. Love is among the greatest frequencies for thoughts (listed fourth on Hawkins’ scale of consciousness) and can help to raise you up from the darkest moments. Tune your heart to love and your spirit will ascend.

3. Generosity

Anytime you let greediness or tightfistedness guide your actions, your frequency falls and this brings you down. Similarly, when you hinge your joy on something external, it'll leave you feeling dissatisfied. The answer is to extend generosity. Whatever it is that you're desiring more of in your life, simply share it with someone else or some other source. Experiencing poverty? Put a bit of money out there for charity work. Facing loneliness? Reach out and bring a grin to a stranger's face. Don't have much time? Do some volunteer work and give away your hours.

4. Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful tool for raising your energetical frequency. Take a short break from reading, and let yourself observe the environment you're in. Can you be thankful for something right here and now? It can be your beloved pet purring contentedly, or the gorgeous day outside, or simply the privilege of being alive on this earth. Life coach Tony Robbins was right to say that strong emotions like fear and rage cannot coexist with gratefulness. If ever you feel low-energy feelings, try turning your focus to what there is to be grateful for. Make it a part of your daily routine - and you'll soon start feeling more spiritually connected, as well as appreciating all those moments that other people may not even notice.

5. Forgiveness

Abraham Hicks' emotional guidance scale contains 22 emotions, ranging from the highest vibration at number 1 to the lowest at 22. Blame holds the 15th place, being a low energy. One can free themselves of this burdening weight by working towards forgiveness, thus bringing them on the path of ascent.

6. Eat Natural Food

Consuming prana, or life force energy, is essential to your wellbeing. Eating processed and fried foods will bring down your vibration levels, while nourishing items such as local and organic fruits/vegetables will naturally increase it. This encourages a lighter and more vibrant state of being. High-vibration food positively influences the person who eats them.

7. Consume Conscious Content

Prana isn't just in the nourishment you consume - it is also in the entertainments that you take in. Be picky with your decisions to ensure they promote positive vibrations and increase your spirits, rather than bring them down. Reflect on how social media affects your energy levels and ask yourself whether a violent movie helps calm or increases your nervousness. Also, think about the lyrics of the songs you listen to and consider changing them a bit - maybe some mantras for your daily drive would set a better course for the day? Stay as mindful about what media goes into your system as with what food does - that way, you are sure to be running on unending energy.

8. Think Positive Thoughts

Your attitude shapes your future. Uplifting thoughts can help you get to where you want to be, while dwelling on pessimistic ideas will cause struggle and distress. Acknowledge negative energy but don't let it dominate you - stay positive! Afterall, it takes just 17 seconds for a thought to trigger the Law of Attraction and draw in more of itself. Nurture your mind with positivity, as these thoughts open up a path towards welcome changes.

9. Detoxify

If you're looking to stay balanced, spiritually connected and upbeat, then eliminating toxins from your body is the way forward. Rather than opting for numbing out, why not strive for a healthier, more holistic way of life? You'll be sure to feel more positive and energised as a result.

10. Surround Yourself With Beauty

Ensure that your home and work spaces reflect beauty, passion, and enthusiasm for life. The right lighting can make a big difference to your productivity and emotional state - hang artwork that inspires you, use colours that soothe and revive you, and free up space by clearing away the clutter to create more clarity. Your surroundings have a strong impact on how you feel within yourself and on the way you lead your life.

11. Go For A Walk Outside

A double-benefit for raising your vibration - going for a workout in the great outdoors. Absorb some sunshine while you get your heart rate up. Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of electricity and technology, and take some time to reconnect with nature. Even a couple of minutes mindfully spent in the fresh air can have a huge effect on your mood, which is why it's so beneficial to take a quick stroll around the block when you're having difficulty concentrating or arguing with your partner.

12. Cultivate Conscious Connections

Seek out individuals who will encourage and support you. Spend time with those who make you feel good about yourself, bolster your self-belief, and be on the same wavelength as you.

13. Sound Healing

When you strike a tuning fork that has the energetic vibration of a certain note, you can then tune your instrument to match that vibration. If we imagine ourselves as the instrument, and the high-vibrational sound healing tools (crystal bowls, for example) as the tuning fork, it becomes possible to allow our physical particles to rise to match the frequency emitted.


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