Is it possible to heal yourself? Learn to redesign your reality with Sarita Sol

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8th March 2023


written by: Ickonic Team

In the Ickonic Original series Heal Thyself: Body Mastery, Sarita Sol completes a trilogy of exceptional mind-body wellness shows on the channel.

Sarita's training is from an ancient shamanic tradition “born from the innerstanding of the feminine principle as the cosmic womb of all creation, working with the guiding edict that everything comes from energy, that all mass is malleable and that we are the microcosm of the all that is. As within, so without.”

In recent years, Sarita received deeper insights into the laws of the universe, that she has practiced and taught to thousands of students, quantum techniques that assist us to tap into the consciousness of the invisible energetic systems within the body, intentionally, to redesign ourselves, our relationships, our lives and our realities.


In my first series, Maps to Quantum Sovereignty, I imparted various teachings and methods, which allowed us to comprehend and work with the invisible architecture of our being, and I explained that sovereignty is the primary key to stepping beyond the victim illusion perspective, in my second series, Intention by Design, I taught about the principles and removal of unconscious energetic block that hold us back from effective manifestation and then worked with three different modalities to enable conscious and effective material manifestation, both of these series took a deep dive into the nature and workings of our reality and are great first steps into comprehending the truth that each of us are creative consciousness in expression.


In this series I show you how to become the master of your own body and heal any condition or disease that you may have within you. This I feel is the most challenging inner work of all and so if you have not yet seen my first two series here on Ickonic, then I would encourage you to go back and watch them before starting this one, because if you already have a degree of understanding and an awareness of the concept of the holographic universe, our energetic architecture, the nature of us as microcosms of the whole and the reflective mirroring qualities of the inner and outer worlds of our being, then this series will make much more sense to you, and the meditations will be easier to master successfully. 

The focus of the meditations in this series is on how to master and heal six systems within your body - the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, nervous and fascia systems. The techniques, once understood, can then be applied and adapted to heal any system, organ, limb or even cell within you.

The techniques are an amalgamation of both old and new modalities, some have been handed down for thousands of years and have crossed my path through shamanic training or other ancient healing traditions and that have endured because they’re so potent, powerful and simple. Some of them I’ve created myself, in accordance with what I’ve found really works well, and through information that comes to me from source consciousness and that has the desire to be shared.


All of these techniques use intention and imagination, they also use breath, light and specific selective higher frequencies, or states of being, to change your consciousness. The physical body is an infinite and complex system, and is the ultimate manifest expression of how we think and feel about ourselves, not just physically, but also emotionally, mentally, energetically and most importantly spiritually. Therefore the physical body is not just our greatest teacher on this road of evolution but it is also the doorway into true enlightenment. Many people do not understand this. Even those well entrenched on the spiritual path, often it is perceived that to comprehend our reality we must spend hours in transcended, altered states seeking dimensions beyond ourselves, however, although this idea holds a level of truth and some merit, at a higher level of understanding everything is actually within us, the whole cosmos and all of the secrets pertaining to it lie within the sacred container of the body vessel.

This is why you hear so many spiritual teachers saying, ”As within, so without, as above, so below.” There is nowhere else we need to go to ascend in our awareness, you are carrying the keys to creation right where you are. When we incarnate here upon this plant the only material thing we bring is our physical body, and this body vessel is not only the most miraculous piece of equipment keeping us alive in extraordinary ways that to this day remains much of a mystery to conventional science, but more mind-blowing still, is that it is a container for the divine essence of our being, our soul.


It is through our sensory experiences in the physical body in this third dimensional realm that we learn what and who we truly are, and learning who we are is the point of it all, it’s the end game, so to speak. As you come into this insight, that all is within you, you begin to perceive and actualise physically that you are God consciousness contained within a body having a material experience in this reality. So if you truly wish to come into a higher awareness of who you are, and in the focus of this series, to attain perfect health, you are going to have to have to come to it through the body dynamic, in conscious relationship to yourself. This is why the process of enlightenment is often called self-actualisation, think of the word ‘insight’ inner, sight, the body teaches us, through contrast, and through relationship to ourselves, which is mirrored in everything around us. 

Many of us do not realise this necessity to seek within, we misguidedly place all of our attention and efforts on the body’s of those around us, including and not limited to material bodies or objects, as well as human bodies. So in other words, our exterior relationships, or the expressions and behaviors of others are used by many of us to try and validate our own existence and to mold and define who we think we are.

This is why people become so attached to the material world or to misguided and often abusive or co-dependent relationships with others. If we see ourselves through the eyes of others, or if we seek validation from those around us instead of within us, we actually create a state of internal separation, our insights are actually outsights and not only do we see ourselves in false and corrupted ways but we ignore our soul’s wisdom and neglect entirely the greatest love relationship we could ever have, with ourselves.

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