Is it really about equality?

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23rd January 2023


written by: Jaymie Icke

Jaymie is the CEO and Founder of Ickonic. His areas of passion for writing are freedom of speech, health and well-being, psychology and sports. He aims to steer Ickonic into becoming a major international broadcaster, showing media can have integrity.

When I think of equality and what that means to me, it's something very simple. Equal opportunities for all, you should not have your future dictated for you before you've even learned to walk and talk simply because of your race, gender, social status or the location in which you're born. Those things are all out of your control, no one chooses to be born a certain colour skin or in a particular part of the world (or do they? Who knows on a spiritual level if we have any say or not), so why would someone born into a better situation than someone else have the right to a better life? 

In my opinion, the answer is very simple, they don't. 

Everyone should be given the same opportunities to better themselves in life, the game of life should be decided on talent, not status. Some of the most stupid people I have ever met end up in positions of power or influence, simply because they were born into the right families, while on the other hand, there will be people of extreme intelligence and wisdom working out in fields somewhere in Africa, who would make considerably better leaders and influencers than we have today. I mean just take a look at the houses of parliament in the UK or congress in America, hardly much intelligence going on there is there? Yet they snigger and look down on those below them when really they're only there because they know the right people. Very few, if any people come into politics have much in terms of brain power going on, if they did then they wouldn't last too long in their current form. 

Anyway, to get back to equality, equality of opportunity is a great idea, where the activists and campaigners lose me is when they talk about equality of outcome. Now unlike my outlook where people get the same opportunities but are free to make their own choices, equality of outcome would go one step further and ensure that in every job, discipline etc each demographic of people is represented equally, now for simplicity we'll stick with men and women as the two parties here, and by that, I mean biological men and women, because after all, whatever nonsense we may be pumped with from the media, there are still only TWO genders. (I know, I'm a transphobic bigot whose solely responsible for climate change). 

Men and women are not only biologically different, but they're also very socially different. Historically men did the more manual jobs, simply because on the whole men are physically stronger than women, and therefore were better at that kind of work. I don't see many female bricklayers, binmen, scaffolders and so on, do you? And women were/are more in people-related jobs, where interaction is key, things like teaching and nursing for example. My wife is a former primary school teacher, and she used to tell me about the stigma that was attached to young male teachers in primary schools. It has become something almost frowned upon, yet if that was the other way around then all of sudden there would be a national enquiry, so that is hardly fair is it? 

Psychologist Jordan Peterson has spoken heavily on this subject and has highlighted on a number of occasions some very key points, one being that if you leave men and women to sort themselves out into their professions, without any outside influence and social pressure then they will choose completely different paths. This idea that our society is still male-dominated is a complete farce, something very dangerous to be telling young women, and also a horrible slur to place onto young men. 

Men should not be asked to apologise or be scared to stand up and be men because of fears they'll be accused of being toxic etc,. In my opinion being a man comes with great responsibility, the responsibility to stand up and protect those you love, fight if required for truth and justice, and also to provide for your family. (I am old school like this, I said to my wife when we have kids if you want to work then great, but I don't want you to have to if you want to stay at home for 10 years and raise our kids, I want to be able to support us to allow that). 

This brings me to another point, 50 years ago, generally, only the man of the house worked, and they earned enough to pay for their family. Now take gender away for a second, in 90% of cases, both the man and the woman now have to work to earn enough to live, the cost of living has gone up so much, while wages haven't, it's put so many families in the position where they simply have to work, they have to send their kids off to nursery or rely on grandparents to help out so they can earn some money which is needed to support the family. From the establishment's perspective, this is great, they get to tax both sexes don't they, we demanded this, so we can't even blame them. 

Equality in its true form is a great thing, I mean who wouldn't want to pick from the best possible talent available, for any given environment? It's madness to not want that in my opinion, but the world we're heading to is far from equal, it's one where certain groups hold more status than others, groups are expected to apologise and hang their heads in shame for the actions of people years ago, and of course, the worse thing you can ever be is a straight, white man (closely followed now by straight white women, ironic eh?). 

That is not equality, it's social control, and something I am not willing to accept. 


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