Sean Stone: ‘Whenever there is a plane crash, you have to look at who’s on board’

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27th February 2023


written by: Ickonic Team

“Whenever there’s a plane crash, you always have to look who’s on board,” says Sean Stone, as we look to scrutinise the recent Arkansas plane crash - in which 5 independent chemical researchers died shortly after take-off on their way to investigate the scene of the Ohio train derailment - on this week’s In The News show. 

“It’s impossible to know for sure,” Sean adds, “when you have the Federal Government investigating these things, it’s really difficult to know what’s the truth. It’s really difficult to get the government to admit to anything.”

The whole Ohio train disaster has been littered with inconsistencies and questionable behaviour, from the initial burning off of toxic waste, to the altered safety recommendations that took place shortly before the spill.

Sean says ,“It’s a horrible issue, the EPA changed their guidelines right before the event happened, so the government can say, ‘don’t worry about the chemicals in your drinking water’. It feels intentional, not a coincidence, we are under siege from a corrupt system.”

Mainstream media have reported the plane crash story using headlines such as ‘Conspiracy theorists have suggested…’

Funny how reporting this with the words ‘Conspiracy theorists suggest…’ at the start of the headline is done in a blatant attempt to discredit the claims of truthers.

To anyone with a mainstream mindset, it may seem bizarre that two incidents, so geographically far apart, could be at all linked. But when you’ve seen the dots connecting for some time, it becomes incredibly clear what is going on.

Imagine what information these independent consultants would have discovered and revealed that the ruling powers would rather have kept silent.

Filmmaker and author Kay Rubacheck told Gareth and Leilani: “There are so many coincidences. It’s really quite possible that this is the worst America has seen in terms of toxic chemical disaster. I live 600 miles from the crash. In our area, the wind has been blowing across, over Pennsylvania and up to Canada, where the precipitation has been abnormal.”

Kay also noted some pertinent shifts in the current news agenda and how this impacts public perception regarding such vast travesties.

“The optics have been very strange,” said Kay, “there were suddenly all these train crashes across the U.S. which normalised the idea of a train derailment. There were a number of explosions recently too, so the vision of black smoke going up into the air, people become blind to it.” 

Five employees of CTEH, a science consulting firm, tragically lost their lives in the accident at Little Rock. Their plane went down shortly after take-off near Clinton National Airport.

The company reported that a twin-engine BE20 had been taking off, with employees and a pilot on board on the way to John Glenn Columbus International Airport in Ohio.

The workers had been travelling to assist in the consequences of the lethal train derailment and explosion in Ohio that has caused widespread horror.

Several have suggested the rail crash is connected to a plan by the UN to take control of contaminated land. Others believe it is linked to a medical ID program that would enable the state to monitor its citizens' whereabouts.

It seems blatant to anyone who is already in the know.

The implementation of the MyID program in East Palestine last year is being used to demonstrate that the derailment was a planned act by the government. This service provides local citizens with a range of items, such as bracelets, tags, stickers, and wallet cards containing distinctive QR codes which contain their medical information.

“AGENDA 2030! Any land deemed toxic can be seized by the government and turned into a 15-minute city,” one Twitter user said. “So now, besides having residents use MyID, this pops up, too. It was all planned!!! They, Norfolk and the Government, are in on it together. Why is Biden not helping? That’s why!”.

“Manufactured dependence. Cause a massive disaster, so that everyone will look to government for help,” one astute commenter wrote. “They are losing the plot. More people need to realize they need us more than we need them.”

Image / AP

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