What are they preparing us for?

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written by: Jaymie Icke

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In recent years there have been a number of mainstream TV channels that have actively allowed debate and conversation surrounding the subject of UFOs. Tucker Carlson Tonight which airs on Fox in the US has featured a number of US military personnel giving their accounts of objects they have seen on the radar that cannot be explained. They talk of crafts moving at great speeds and changing direction without notice, they go on to explain that no known military technology is capable of performing such acts. 

Now there is a lot to this story, one being that there is certainly very advanced technology within the US military that is not disclosed to the public, so that will explain some of this, however, the other explanation is that there are ETs and other dimensions visiting earth and have been for a long long time. I would say that most people now would be open to the fact that there is life on other planets, galaxies and solar systems. I mean when you break it down of course there is. 

Look up at the night sky and see the vastness of the stars, do you really think we're alone? 

Now we could talk about UFOs and aliens all day, but I want to cover why mainstream outlets are becoming more accepting to discuss this topic. 

Are they preparing us for some kind of disclosure? 

If they are then the real truth will certainly be buried, could this be the establishment's way of ‘owning the narrative’ on ETs and other life forms? There is a lot to this, David Icke has written for years about the plan to start a world army. Now sat here today that would be a pretty hard sell for people, however, give everyone a common enemy and scare them into believing that our very existence is under threat from some kind of foreign species and I think you'll find the support for a world army would be there. 

The idea of a ‘fake alien invasion’ has long been warned by UFO researchers and others but it always seems like something that was unlikely, however, with this move towards accepting that UFOs exist and the conversation around them becoming more mainstream I would say the likelihood of them trying to pull off some kind of invasion has dramatically increased. 

The late NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell who was part of the apollo mission to the moon spoke out about things he had seen from the window of the spacecraft that were not things being disclosed and discussed, he gained some publicity for talking about these things a few years ago before his death in 2016. Now he would have been under strict confidentiality agreements from NASA, so the fact he spoke about this suggests he was allowed to, and again I asked why now? 

The UFO research community isn't new, it's something that has been around for decades and decades, yet up until recently they were referred to as ‘tin foil hat-wearing lunatics that believe in little green men’. This sudden shift towards accepting this and discussing it opening will be championed by many of the researchers who have been fighting for years to get some exposure on the subject, however always watch for the real reason the establishment has for allowing something to come out. 

I am all for disclosure and learning what the real truth of other life forms is, but I can say with almost certainty when BBC news or CNN are the ones breaking the story, with government spokespersons giving speeches then it's not going to be the real truth of what is actually going on.

I'm not going to draw any conclusions here, I just want to spark a conversation and plant a seed that all is maybe not what it seems. 

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