What Does It Mean to Be A "Star"?

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written by: Gabriel McArtney

If you want to change the world, you have to change people's minds first, and for me the moving image is one of the most powerful ways in modern society to do this. I fell in love with filmmaking as a teenager which led me to excel in photography in high school initially, and then I went on to pursue a career in the New Zealand film industry. I moved to England in 2015 to deepen my understanding of film and television by studying film directing in London, which eventually led me to Ickonic. At Ickonic we have the power to tell the Truth without censorship, a privilege that is becoming more and more rare these days.

Success in all its forms, is a deep seated human drive that has to do with realising our own inner potential, like the small insignificant seed that will eventually transform into a huge magnificent tree. It’s the whispering of our hidden gifts that ultimately drive us to pursue greatness and share it with the world. The idea is that everyone has an immortal Divine Spark, waiting to be discovered and shared.

This is why, I believe, that often our outer goals echo this inner nature; the pursuit of something lasting. Whether conscious or unconscious, the desire for some form of  “immortality” is always tugging at our sleeve: to leave an indelible mark on the world, a legacy that keeps going after laying aside our earthly vehicle, and thereby achieving immortality. 

In our society, we look up to Hollywood celebrities as the role models who have seemingly achieved this potential. We admire their “star qualities” that allowed them to rise to the top. And we continue to celebrate them even long after they are gone. We look to them as if they were “god-like” beings dispensing Wisdom for the masses.

However, the consequences of selling one’s soul for a little bit of fame have now become painfully obvious. If these “stars” are so superior and “God-like” for having reached their position in life, then why aren’t they speaking out about the evil that runs openly rampant in this post pandemic world? I believe it is because they have too much to lose and effectively they are owned by other interests. So even if they wanted to, they have chosen to sacrifice the truth for their worldly masters.

Even though it’s glaringly obvious nowadays that large psychopathic corporate interests have a tyrannical grip on public messaging and policy, these so-called superior beings aren’t able to see the wood from the trees apparently. There are notable exceptions (within limits) of course, such as Jim Carrey, Jessica Biel, and Alicia Silverstone, to name just a few, who have spoken out. But for the most part, our “stars” maintain an iron grip on blissful ignorance.

It makes me question who are the gatekeepers of fame? What qualities are they looking for to groom these individuals into never speaking out? Is there an agenda for selecting these charmers in order to lull us into a deep slumber of complacency? 

These and many other questions may remain a mystery but I sense the time of disclosure is fast approaching.

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