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16th March 2023


written by: Gareth Icke

That show launched amidst the pandemic, which drove the direction of the content at the time. Now, with the world looking ever-so-slightly different, we have revamped and relaunched this weekly show as ‘Gareth Icke Tonight’. 

Here, the Ickonic host discusses the transition and reveals what you can expect from the first show.


“Because Right Now was launched during lockdown, it kind of became a ‘let's fight the COVID narrative’ show. And so while we still want to talk about Midazolam, we still want to talk about the vaccine-injured, there are other issues to focus on too at the minute, hence why this week we're talking about the current financial collapse.

What’s important is to talk about stuff that most people aren't talking about. Because otherwise, what's the point? I think things like the financial collapse, and having someone like Mitch Fierstein on this week is big, because most people will look at banks and financial systems like, ‘Here's what goes on in the city and they’re all overpaid’, they don't actually think, ‘Well no, this literally affects the cost of a loaf of bread’. Having viable alternatives that people can turn to, to try and help themselves out, that is key. 

What is it that most people worry about, in terms of themselves generally? People think, ‘Have I got enough money?’ Because with money comes freedom. If you don't have the money, you can't do lots of stuff, unfortunately, it’s how the world is set up. So we’ll be talking about the financial system, and how you can make it work for you, or at least protect what you have. 

And the other is health, ‘I don’t want to get ill and die’. If you're feeling unhealthy, feeling unwell, and lethargic, like most people are, it's not much of a life. So we have former Hollywood actress Melanie Marden, author of Save Your Life, on the show to promote healthy living, with tips that everyone can use. 

Our third guest is Charlie Green, a gym owner who fell ill and was put on Midazolam after being placed in an induced coma. Charlie had felt unwell, an ambulance was called, they said, ‘You’ve got COVID’. No tests, no anything, just ‘Yeah you’ve got COVID by the way’. Three weeks in ICU, and to this day, he still doesn't know why. He said, ‘I don't know why. I had trouble breathing, I wasn't diagnosed with anything, and then they put me on a drug that suppresses my respiratory system, it doesn’t make any sense’. 

It's crazy. It's important to get that stuff out there so people realise that this was happening all over. 

It's important to keep talking about this Midazolam thing because the mainstream won't touch it. When the Lockdown Files came out, even Isabella Oakeshott, the journalist that exposed those files, when probed about Midazolam, said it's nonsense. Even though we’ve got all the evidence, she literally won’t touch it. If she won’t touch it, we will, so we’ll be banging on about it every week.

We’ll be introducing new segments into the show too. We’ve got Alice The Journalist, who has produced protest VTs for Right Now in the past, on board to provide a weekly lie detector where you take a story from the mainstream and show it to be false claims. During the pandemic, I was fact-checked for posting that Vitamin D was good for your immune system, so we’re turning the tables on that sort of thing by scrutinising claims made in the mainstream.

Having Lewis Brackpool on board as a roaming reporter is great as well because, while it’s all well and good me sat in the studio talking to someone on screen, having Lewis actually go there, as ‘boots on the ground’, to see what’s happening and talking live from the scene is really important.

Overall, I’m really excited and hope people enjoy it!


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