Wokey, Wokey - How much longer are you going to take this?

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written by: Jaymie Icke

Jaymie is the CEO and Founder of Ickonic. His areas of passion for writing are freedom of speech, health and well-being, psychology and sports. He aims to steer Ickonic into becoming a major international broadcaster, showing media can have integrity.

However, if you listen to the ‘Woke’ brigade then we live in the most un-inclusive, fundamentally racist and bigoted society that there has ever been. Straight white men are the enemy, straight white women are not far behind, men can give birth, paedophiles are now ‘minor-attracted persons’ and of course, everyone and everything is racist. 

Let’s take football as an example, after the death of George Floyd and the explosion of BLM protests around the world, the English premier leagues anti-racism organization ‘Kick it Out’ became a complete focus of English football, players were and, in some cases, still are taking a knee before football matches as a show of unity against racism. There were accusations of racist slurs being hurled at players from the stands at matches which then led to TV figures saying that racism in football is the worst it’s ever been. 

Well, let us take a look at that, shall we… 

Here in 2022, the majority of footballers in the premier league are black, the number of accusations of racism at games in maybe 2/3 a season, which is hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of fans that are not doing that, yet we’re told there’s a major problem. One or two racists in a million isn’t showing a problem, its showing there are two idiots in a million people, that ratio isn’t bad, my experience of humanity is more like 1 idiot for every 2 people. So why make out there is such a major issue? Crowds used to quite literally throw bananas at black players and whole stadiums were doing monkey chants, compare that to today. How can anyone keep a straight face and say racism in football is the worst it’s ever been? 

This is just one example of something you can apply to many areas of society. Offence is a badge of honor now, cancel culture is something so familiar its almost accepted, when we live in a post-fact society run by these professional victims and viciously hateful groups where do you think it ends? A lecturer at a University in Sweden was actually sacked for saying men and women are biologically different. That’s not an opinion it’s a fact. To quote Ben Shapiro ‘Facts don’t care about your feelings. But our society is quickly becoming a feeling over fact society and that is an incredibly dangerous and scary precedent. 

So my question is how long are we going to let these lunatics run the asylum, because I for one have had enough of them and have no interest in living in a world of their making. 


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